Corrective Cap with Matrix Effects

Are you looking for a cap that contains healing properties with the ability to restore optimal health? Such a therapeutic cap exists. Aires Technologies has engineered a corrective cap with matrix effects. This cap featured an embedded microchip that presents a silicon plate bearing a fractal-matrix scheme.   The microchip is a passive fractal-matrix resonator with a universal spatial-wave Fourier filter that is capable of analyzing of any kind of electromagnetic field oscillations and transforming them into harmonic components.

Elastic Strap Holder with Emitter

Elastic is a stretchy material or an item made with this pliable substance. It is used to create flexible strap holders, waistbands, wristbands, shoulder straps, knee braces and more.  Such devices offer support and comfort to joints as well as alleviating arthritis-induced joint pain. Elastic is most commonly used in clothing. For instance, it is used to provide support in undergarments such as girdles or bras.

A New Aproach to Health and Beauty With Silicone Face Cups

While skin problems such as wrinkles, tightened facial muscles, and dry skin can affect many areas of our bodies, the delicate skin of our faces is usually one of the first places affected when these types of skin problems arise. Ironically, though, our faces are the last places where we want to experience skin problems. Because our faces are so closely tied into our identities, keeping our facial skin as healthy as possible is essential to having a healthy self-esteem.

Aquacluster Water Structurer

Where there is water, there is life. Life exists around numerous uses of water which makes it important for survival and luxury. It is a part of our biosphere that should not be overused, ignored, or taken for granted. Because of this, water should be conserved to sustain our domestic needs for the future.

Therapeutic and Cosmetic Napkins

Supplied by Aires Technology, these napkins are thought to have therapeutic effects and can be used for cosmetic purposes as well. The Matrix Napkins are used for performing deep cleansing of the skin at the cellular level. They add elasticity to the skin, prevent the emergence of wrinkles, and produce an antiedematic, analgesic and wound healing effect.

Matrix Comfort Belt

Sometimes belts can cause a great deal of physical discomfort if worn for long periods of time.  But who would have ever thought that there are belts with therapeutic effects? A therapeutic belt which is peculiarly adapted for the sacro-lumbar region of the body is disclosed. The belt appliance includes one or more inflatable cell structures integrally formed with the belt body as an extrusion.

Matrix Germanium Slim Facial Beauty Roller

Say goodbye to your Botox products and anti-aging creams. Made in Japan, the Matrix Germanium Slim Roller is a new and innovative beauty facial roller that uses semi-conductor technology and germanium to take away wrinkles and eliminate darks spots and make you look younger. With this latest device, you can expect facial salon quality results from the comfort of your own home.

Achieving Physical Beauty and Optimal Health with Matrix Virtu

Supplied by Aires Technologies, the Matrix Virtu features crowned shaped earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces. These ornaments were created in view of an arrangement most important of biologically active points and zones on a body. The Matrix Virtu contains minerals that are primarily used as arrayal, magic sense; not so much for aesthetic purposes.  The minerals embedded in these jewelries contain healing properties that can protect the individual wearing them from illnesses.

Combining Science and Technology with Skin Treatment

The skin is the largest body organ. As we get older, our skin becomes dryer and looses it moisture.  This is primarily due to the abuse we subject our skin to overexposure of the sun, toxins, bad diet, gravity and hormones. Collagen also begins to break down and causes lines and wrinkles to form around the eyes, lips and brow, leading to a loss of skin's former youthful and healthy glow. Many cosmetic treatments can help, but facial light therapy is one of the gentler, less-invasive treatments, evening out the complexion and reducing fine wrinkles and large pores.

CEM Water Activator

Water filtration is the process of taking a contaminated water supply and making it safe for human consumption. Several methods of water filtration are used, but the end goal is always the same: to render the water fit for use by killing or removing bacteria, microbes and other contaminants. The type of water filter to use depends on the precise nature of the contaminants present in the water supply.

The Importance of Foot Balance

Foot balance is essential for the very survival of every living creature. Foot balance is extremely important to humans due to the structure of the human body. The human body is different from the other animals due to the fact that humans are biped and walking is a learned skill for humans. It takes more than a year just to learn walking for a human being. In the modern day foot is not just used for locomotion but also for various sports like skating, skiing, swimming, soccer, hockey etc. Almost all the games that people play require foot balance. Some sports require more balance and some require less. The biological age of the body can be determined through balance tests such is the importance of balance. Foot balance is also required to drive vehicles, cycling, operating machinery, working in plants/factories etc. If a person looses foot balance it causes a severe handicap in day to day activities.

Nano Energy Cup

Our bodies function best when they are neither too acid nor too alkaline. Unfortunately most of us have become overly acidic due to poor diet, popular beverages, environmental contaminants, lack of healthy exercise, and stress. Acidity or alkalinity is measured by “pH”,and ranges from 0 ( highly acidic ) to 14 ( highly alkaline ) while a pH of 7 is neutral. Our blood system is always working to keep itself in the narrow range of pH 7.35 to 7.45. Drinking alkaline water helps the body maintain a healthy pH level. An easy way to assist your body in becoming more alkaline is to drink alkaline water.


Supplied by Matrix Technology, CEM World USA is proud to introduce the Ecostep to their line of products. This is a unique preventative product that allows to significantly improving your well-being, is the perfect combination of cutting-edge medical technology and traditional materials used in the footwear industry. Our feet have biological active points that structure the circulation of information flows.  When the structure is harmonious, the information flows enter the internal organs therefore producing a healing effect. Similarly, it also increases level of information orderliness and harmony that can protect the structural form against blocks, and therefore it can provide prophylaxis from various diseases, thus enhancing the system’s self¬-regulation abilities, and increasing its pureness and viability.

Phitan Bracelets

Phiten is a company that makes necklaces, bracelets, tapes, lotions and gels, supporters and apparels worn and applied for the supposed purpose of soothing one's body. Throughout many years of research, they have developed wellness technologies around the principles of health and continue their efforts to develop innovative products utilizing their highly versatile technologies. Aqua metals are an integral part of Phiten technology. They are metals that are broken down into microscopic particles dispersed in water. Phiten’sAqua-Titanium is designed to create and stimulate a stabilizing field that enhances one’s body system in a natural way. By utilizing the property of each material to a maximum extent, each individual’s potentials is realized in a variety of extents that leads to restore normal relaxation status of the person. This is the technology that supports more comfortable daily life.

Infrared Emitter

An infrared emitter is an electrode on a transistor from which a flow of electrons or holes enters the region between the electrodes. This device operates at 940nm and work well for generic IR systems including remote control and touch-less object sensing. Using a simple ADC on any microcontroller will allow variable readings to be collected from the detector. The emitter is driven up to 50mA with a current limiting resistor as with any LED device. LED IR emitters enhance night vision capabilities for military personnel for infrared vehicle lighting, security lighting applications and covert general area IR lighting.  Magnalight LED IR emitters can be configured for 850nm IR light, 940nm IR light or a combination of visible and IR LED lighting. Magnalight LED based infrared lighting generates light energy only in the configured wavelength. More traditional covert IR lighting utilizes cut off lenses to block the visible light, while enabling only specific wavelengths to pass through the filter lens.  LED infrared lighting is more efficient because all of the light energy from the LEDs is utilized.  Finally, with IR LED lighting, there is no possibility of visible light leakage that occur if a cut off lens or related seals are broken.