The Importance of Foot Balance

Foot balance is essential for the very survival of every living creature. Foot balance is extremely important to humans due to the structure of the human body. The human body is different from the other animals due to the fact that humans are biped and walking is a learned skill for humans. It takes more than a year just to learn walking for a human being. In the modern day foot is not just used for locomotion but also for various sports like skating, skiing, swimming, soccer, hockey etc. Almost all the games that people play require foot balance. Some sports require more balance and some require less. The biological age of the body can be determined through balance tests such is the importance of balance. Foot balance is also required to drive vehicles, cycling, operating machinery, working in plants/factories etc. If a person looses foot balance it causes a severe handicap in day to day activities.

From a physiological perspective, the balance of the human body is not only dependent upon the condition of the legs but also on the condition of the ear. It is a less known fact that the ears are not just hearing organs but also balance organs. There is a soft organ near the cochlea of the ear which has a three axis alignment system which is used for spatial balance of the body. This organ is known as the labyrinth. The labyrinth is part of the vestibular system. This organ is directly connected to the brain, eyes and the skeletal system. The labyrinth is used to determine motion of the human body in linear and angular direction. If this part of the ear gets damaged the balance gets so much distorted that people find it almost impossible to walk without help. There have been cases where due to damage to the labyrinth of the ear, it has been observed that the gastro intestinal tract functions in the reverse manner and can only be corrected with medication.

Twenty five percent of the bones of your body are in your feet. If any of these bones are misaligned, your entire body could be affected. You might not even feel that you have a foot problem but it can be causing knee problems, hip or low-back problems, shoulder and neck problems and even headaches or stomachaches. Foot problems can also cause emotional stresses and physiological changes in the body like adrenal stress, blood sugar, fatigue and many others. Many doctors look to the mechanics of the foot for proper posture but there is so much more making up the foundation that we stand, walk and run on.

The foot has many nerve receptors in it that send important information into our central nervous system. This information is used to track where certain parts of the body are at every moment and in what direction, how fast they are moving and how much pressure they are receiving. Problems with the feet can send confusing information to the central nervous system which can cause mechanical problems in the body. As we walk, each joint of the foot sends information to the nervous system so that it can turn on and off our muscles. The turning on and off of the muscles allows us to walk, if they didn’t turn on and off we would not be able to move properly. This is one way that foot problems can cause knee, hip, neck, shoulder, jaw problems and even headaches. If a muscle is not turning on when it is supposed to, then a muscle on the other side of the body will become too tight because the balance is upset. When it becomes too tight, it pulls the bones out of alignment causing problems.

Shoes that are too tight will shut off your positive support mechanism which keeps your body standing in an upright position. If the positive support mechanism is not working properly, you will start to slouch with your shoulders and head forward as you stand. This can cause discomfort throughout the body, even chronic neck/back pain and will eventually cause permanent posture problems and bone deformation. Proper fitting shoes are an integral part of foot balance and maintaining healthy feet.

Known for combining science with technology to restore optimal health and balance, CEM World USA offers the Ortostep and the Ecostep ; both products supplied by Matrix Nano Technology and Aires Tech. Both of these products are designed to improve foot balance.  The Ortostep corrects your posture and promotes proper foot function. These orthotic insoles are a cure for foot and lower body pain as well as a preventative measure which can be taken to stop foot problems from developing. They also can help t rid your feet of foot corns for good, make calloused skin a think of the past, and can even cure bunions and hammer toes. The Ecostep, on the other hand, is designed to make your walk more comfortable, preventing overload of the foot, it also reduces the risk of development of various pathologies. An important additional feature of the insoles "Ecostep" is their ability to absorb stress and take a form close anatomical shape of the foot. This element hides the possible disadvantages of the insole inside the shoe soles


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