Classes Available

Wholesale Buyers and Distributors are Welcome! Special Price and Classes for New Distributors.

We have training classes available for our customers and new distributors.

Classes will include:

  • How the Cem Tech device works
  • The capabilities of Cem Tech.
  • How the emitter works.
  • How to apply the Cem Tech device.
  • How to record information in to the emitter.
  • How to structure water and place information into the water.
  • Recommended Health Program: Step By Step (opening energy centers, restoration of the spine, program detoxification, purifying blood, cleansing lymph).
  • The 6 Stages of Endocrine Program (This excellent program rejuvenates human biological age).

For more information please contact authorized dealer of Cem Tech USA 917-776-5410; 917-484-6601