Supplied by Matrix Technology, CEM World USA is proud to introduce the Ecostep to their line of products. This is a unique preventative product that allows to significantly improving your well-being, is the perfect combination of cutting-edge medical technology and traditional materials used in the footwear industry. Our feet have biological active points that structure the circulation of information flows.  When the structure is harmonious, the information flows enter the internal organs therefore producing a healing effect. Similarly, it also increases level of information orderliness and harmony that can protect the structural form against blocks, and therefore it can provide prophylaxis from various diseases, thus enhancing the system’s self¬-regulation abilities, and increasing its pureness and viability.

Matrix insoles are made of natural high-quality extruded skin on the outer surface is caused by blocking micro-relief in the form of fractal-matrix topology MATRIX, which is a special circular diffraction grating - a passive space-wave structure, differentiating into a wide range of fluctuations of the electromagnetic field and converts the radiation into a coherent state. On the lower surface layer is made of special material "Dry shank" - a traditional shoe material. The interaction matrix topology circular diffraction grating insoles "Ekostep" with biologically active zones of the foot is optimal redistribution of functional load of all divisions of the human body, improving all the regulatory processes.

Matrix insoles combine delicate massaging effect of all the reflex zones of the plantar side of the foot on the fractal-matrix pattern formed by micro-relief and an additional structuring effect due to the influence of the circular diffraction grating MATRIX. In addition, the local impact of fractal-matrix topology improves the viability of cells of the skin of the foot. In the topology formed insoles, as in the membrane, there is separation of moisture from the increase in its concentration and distribution on the topology of circular diffraction grating scheme, which leads to the emergence of structured clusters of air moisture, an additional effect on BAP and BAZ of the plantar side of the foot, thereby contributing to the normalization of physiological processes in the body.

Matrix insoles"Ecostep" not only make your walk more comfortable, preventing overload of the foot, it  also reduces the risk of development of various pathologies:

  • Diseases of the joints,
  • Diseases of the spine,
  • Diseases of muscles and tendons,
  • Diseases of the nervous system: neuralgia, neuritis,
  • Disorders of the autonomic nervous system - the neuroses in children and adults,
  • Peripheral vascular disease - endarteritis obliterans, atherosclerosis of lower extremities,
  • Diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular system,
  • Digestive diseases,
  • Diseases of the reproductive system.

When used regularly, Matrix insoles "Ekostep have on the body overall preventive, curative and harmonizing effect. They perfectly complement and enhance the effect of the use of any products produced by Matrix AIRES Technologies. An important additional feature of the insoles "Ecostep" is their ability to absorb stress and take a form close anatomical shape of the foot. This element hides the possible disadvantages of the insole inside the shoe soles. New modification of insoles "Ecostep", due to their use in the manufacture of modern technology, is effective for the duration of their use.


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