Advantages and Possibilities Offered by Spinor:

  • Unique new technology with patented crystal emitters.
  • FRI-Resonance Recording.
  • Easy to handle - can be used by everyone.
  • Pain is managed. Works quickly and effectively.
  • Anti-aging effects, strengthening your systems.
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Cem World USA and Matrix Health Line

Developer of the NLS Matrix Decoder, Matrix Thermal Analysis Program and Bio N Ice and
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Quantum Approach

Nature designed the human body-a unique self- organizing system. In Quantum approach, it should be pointed out that, there is no feeling that does not affect, in one way or another, the development of the entire organism, our cells are constantly listening to our thoughts and are being changed by them.
All religious techniques existing through the ages in the World and being used by different esoteric schools purposed one object - expanding of the Central DNA Basic Model - the Information Constant that is defining the corresponding Universal Spheric Fractal, as a result expanding the derivative peripheral construction by the projection of its own Fundamental Function.