Phitan Bracelets

In 1982 Yoshihiro Hirata, an alternative medicine practitioner founded Phiten, to sell his titanium-infused products. After gaining an illness while training as a chef, Yoshihiro HIrata studied physical therapy and rehabilitation methods. The bracelets first gained prominence in Japan, where they are still popular with athletes. According to the company, the necklaces and bracelets work by stabilizing the electric flow that nerves use to communicate actions to the body. All of the messages in the human body travel through electricity, so if you’re tired or feeling lethargic, that means the electricity isn’t flowing as smoothly as it can. The goal of these products smooths out those signals.

Supplied by Matrix Nano Technology, CEM World USA provides a variety of products with Phiten technology. Phiten technology supposedly promotes increase of flexibility, relief or joint/muscle pain, alleviation of discomfort, improvement of blood circulation, transportation of energy, and reduction of fatigue. It claims to work the body's natural healing powers to maintain a balance with the mind and body, a balance that is affected by fatigue and stress. By simply wearing these products, your body can feel relaxed and refreshed. The bracelets are an indispensable item for relieving stress and fatigue in our modern lives. The wide variety of colors and designs brings an element of fun, and is just one of the many reasons for their popularity. In all aspects of life – from everyday activities to athletics – our products can help maximize your potential energy and strength. This is why so many top athletes use Phiten products.

The Phiten bracelets are made with an elastomer rubber and carbonized titanium compound embedded with Micro-Titanium Spheres. Its sporty design and waterproof material makes this bracelet ideal for active people young and old. These bracelets are ideal for anyone who is physically active and athletic. They are intended to improve health and performances. They can also relief pain and stress. They can be worn around the wrist or ankle. You can now enjoy your favorite sports activities to the fullest with the benefits of Phiten technology. Should, however, a rash or an irritation occur, one should discontinue the use of this bracelet and consult with his/her physician. They should not be stored in direct sunlight, high temperature or high humidity. They should also not be worn when handling with flammable material.


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