The principles of Matrix Applicator's action

The characteristics of treatment by the Matrix Health Line and principles of its action, as well as the methods of its application for various diseases, are briefly given in the brochure that is appended to every Applicator unit. When purchased further articles are available, offering a more detailed and specific information on the theoretical points, and practical use of such Health Matrix. This data may be of interest to specialists (doctors, pharmacists), all users of this product. 

For what illnesses you can use Matrix Applicator:

  1. Information for patients Neuralgic and mental disorders
    (syndromes of pain, vegetative and trophic disorders, headache, fatigability, stresses, neuroses, insomnia, asthenic syndrome, emotional hyperactivity, depression, osteochondrosis, osteochondritis, radiculitis)
  2. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract
    (gastritis, colitis, duodenitis, stomach ulcer; diseases of the liver, gall-bladder, pancreas, and of both small and large intestines)
  3. Diseases of respiratory organs and ENT diseases
    (acute and chronic)
  4. Cardio-vascular diseases
    (high or low blood pressure, arrhythmia)
  5. Urinogenital diseases
    (nephritis, inflammation of the urinary bladder and urinogenital organs, diseases of both male and female reproductive organs, premenstrual period)
  6. Diseases of bones and joints
    (traumas, generative-dystrophic diseases of the joints, non-specific arthritis and arthrosis)
  7. Pathologies of the thyroid gland.
  8. Inflammatory skin diseases, wounds, and burns. In traditional medicine, the major attempts in treating a patient are, as a rule, to eliminate painful symptoms by means of directive administering various microelements regulating the organism's functioning.

Of course, in acute cases medicinal preparations are indispensable. However, it is hardly possible to determine the substance quantity that is just needed for the patient at a specific moment, and so the medical doctor has to use an average dose of the preparation.

Obviously, a basically new technique for providing objective treatment for the human organism is badly needed today. It must enable the human body to struggle against diseases on its own and use "internal medicines" which are always dosed by the organism in the most exact manner.

It is common knowledge that the biological organism functions as a hyper complex system consisting of a great number of functionally active units. They constitute a single multi-level network where the information component of each cell affects both the rest cells separately, and the organism as a whole, thus forming a general integral scheme whose state affects the quality of all the biological departments' functioning, and determines the final result - health or disease.

In the human body, there exists a branching network of active points where the signals from the internal organs emerge on the organism's surface v just to come into interaction with the matrix applicator developed by The AIRES New Medical Technologies Foundation. The Matrix Applicator is designed in such a way that from the physical viewpoint its action establishes an absolutely harmonious inter-level resonance in the human organism. The therapeutic effect is achieved through correction of defects of the biological organism's information-exchange commutative channels by means of restoration of structural interrelations that are inherent in the person's genetic model and that were disintegrated in the course of the person's vital activities.

The action of the Health Matrix is similar to that of a tuning device that tunes up the organism's cyto structure to the optimal state, thus checking the negative, and returning to the body corrected, impulses. In this way, day after day, with every passing hour, the affected organ receives a directed treatment.

Great deals of examinations of the Matrix Applicator have been conducted in scientific institutes and hospitals of St. Petersburg, Russia. They reveal that the Matrix Applicator's effect on the human organism consists in the brain and the cardiac activity becoming more stable with respect to outside irritants, and nutrition of brain departments, as well as co-ordination in their functioning, improving. As a result, the organism's vital activity processes are controlled in a more adequate manner, and the human organism becomes more adapted to various outside loads owing to the Health Matrix, which, essentially, is a universal resonator, exerting its influence directly on the affected organ, as well as upon the entire organism through the central nervous and the endocrine systems.

With the help of the Health Matrix, it takes, as a rule, from 1 to 6 months to restore the activity of an organ afflicted by a chronic disease. However, first signs of improvement of a person's condition may be noted even after some several hours of application.

The technique suggested presents a basically new method of treatment, based on profound knowledge of the information-exchange processes taking place in the bioform, and can definitely be called a technology of the XXIst century, for the time for heavy medicinal and energy-consuming treatment is passing away irrevocably.