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    Spinor can be used by everybody and has no known side effects


    About the Technology “AK TOM “series “Air" 

     “AK TOM " series " Air" – is a source of low-level background waves and electromagnetic waves of extremely high frequency (EHF) range.

    EHF affects the body as a whole, consistently improving the condition of the tissue cells of organs.

    EHF waves regulate the distribution of the energy required for normal metabolism of the body, which eventually leads to an increase in physical performance.

    Due to the impact of waves on the resonant frequencies of the EHF cellular structures is a weakening or complete inhibition of pathological oscillations and increased physiological fluctuations, as well as restoration of dynamic equilibrium in the body of the sick person.

    EHF waves reduces the adverse effects of electromagnetic waves on human blood ( splits the clusters , which are formed under the influence of electromagnetic waves , prevents spasm , improves the flow of oxygen to the blood and increases the conclusion of toxic substances).

     About AIR 

     ”AIR” will not create a protective shield around the person or reducing cell phone waves. Its mechanism of action is simple. It is based on the property EHF waves “tidy up “the structure of liquid media, “blurring “effect produced by the surrounding electromagnetic field.

    “AIR” is a device that is recommended for use in any environment: at home, at work, in a way, in sporting activities, a tourist trip.

     Air unit is designed to protect people from the consequences of the adverse effects of man-made electromagnetic fields, as well as other adverse factors.

    The device will not protect you from harmful influences. It can only help the body cope with the consequences of this action.

    Indications for use of the “Air"

    ~ Syndrome of the nervous system ~ Syndrome of the reproductive system ~ Stress ~ Cardiovascular syndrome

    Electromagnetic aggressors:

    • Power lines • Wiring (inside buildings) • Appliances (microwaves) • PCs • TV and radio transmitting stations

    • Satellite and cellular communications (devices, repeaters) • Electro transport • Radar installations, metro, trolley buses, elevators


    Price: $289.95

    Video-Computer Psycho-Analysis

    Video-Computer Psycho-Analysis

    Since ancient times, people tried to improve their condition, considering the reflection of their face. In the twentieth century there were created methods of psycho-correction on the basis of biofeedback, when a person looks at various display their wealth and trying to change it for the better.

    Video-computer psycho-analysis based on the definition of functional asymmetry of the two hemispheres of the brain by analyzing the asymmetry of human face image, which is entered into the computer using a video camera or a photo camera.

    Psycho-analysis is as follows. Computer evaluates the phase portrait of a person's face (the difference between the angles and average angles of facial features on the left and right side of the face) and determine

    1) The dominance of one of the hemispheres of the brain that corresponds to the difference between the amplitudes of oscillatory processes in the left and right hemispheres.

    2) The degree of coherence (coherence) of these oscillatory processes with each other.

    For these values the computer determines the psychological state of human rights and issues: psychological and professional features, the forecast behavior in extreme situations, the perception of time, psychological compatibility, the probability of psychosomatic disorders and recommendations for harmonization of the individual.

    By reducing the coherence and lack of dominance of one of the hemispheres increases the probability of all psychosomatic disorders. By reducing the coherence of oscillatory processes in hemispheres and the dominance of the right hemisphere are more likely to spasm of smooth muscles and related psychosomatic disorders - cardiovascular system (GMI, CHD), gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, stomach ulcers) and pulmonary system (asthma). By reducing the coherence of oscillatory processes in hemispheres and the dominance of the left hemisphere are more likely to spasm of skeletal muscles and related psychosomatic disorders - muscle pain, convulsive readiness with all its consequences.
    Price: $149.95

    Matrix Thermal Analysis Program

    We are the Developers of Matrix Thermal Analysis Program and Authorized Dealers for the following products in USA

    1. Spinor         

    2. Metatron

    3. Matrix

    Those are some of the top new technology in the world today and we are looking for distribution channels in USA

    Anyone who is interested please contact me at or you could call me directly at 917-776-5410

    Thank you in advance for your interest in our technologies and we look forward hearing from you,

    What you will get with the Matrix Thermal Analysis Program

    Matrix Thermo Analysis for professional and domestic use include in a set with:
    • Computer software for data entry and interpretation of analysis results
    • 1 Matrix Thermo infra-red thermometer
    • Printed materials how to use of IR-thermometer and Matrix Thermo Analysis Program
    Call for price: 917-776-5410

    Silicone Face Cups

    2 for 29,95

    New Approach to Health and Beauty

    The Matrix Silicone Face Cups set continues to evolve as new equipment is developed, and creative applications are discovered. A small micro-cup set provides a new technique to stimulate and relax the face, while loosening tight facial muscles and stimulating beauty and wellbeing.

    An incredible tool for facial drainage and lifting along with use for scars anywhere on the body

    Compact design great for home use or travel

    This is a quick, yet effective addition to a facial, massage or body treatment.
    Price: $29.95

    AK TOM

    AK TOM

    Millimeter wave helps to correct imbalances through frequencies that reinforce the body’s own natural healing frequencies.

    AK TOM Therapy is used to support:

    ·         Stress

    ·         Mouth and throat problems

    ·         Respiratory organs

    ·         Stomach and intestine problems

    ·         Arms and legs

    ·         Sexual organs

    ·         Skin problems

    ·         Immune defense

    This development of an innovative method to enhance the immune system for the management of infectious illness is similar to vaccinations without the side effects. This device is based on the principle of controlled energy material (CEM). Inventors explain its operation as stemming from the characteristics of semi-conductor structures with a memory effect which prepares “photography” of E-field radiations or frequency from sick organs and/or bacterium.

    Then a special oscillator is used to restore these energy emitted or frequency to the organism. At the same time, a substitution process of pathological viruses and/or bacterium commences to create E-field frequencies of an external source to create homeostasis. The projection to the organism is intermittent and absolutely exact with the needed frequency characteristics.

    Bacteria that initiate sickness become suppressed and, inevitably, perish. The pathologic process disappears. The human organism does not suffer at the same time. Therefore, there are no contraindications at all in the use of this device.

    Adjustment of the AK TOM device for the required resonant characteristics of a pathogenic factor is performed automatically through the creation of a photo of the illness in EHF RANGE, including all its spectral components. The influence of background (natural) radiation during the spectrum replacement of the illness spectrum in the organism is accounted for to enhance the oppression and destruction of the illness spectrum. Duration of treatment depends on the degree of disease development.

    The AK TOM device analyzes and blocks pathological electromagnetic energy emitted which always accompanies illness.


    Are you tired of being sick? This device can help combat:

    ·         Viruses, intestinal worms, fungi

    ·         Chills

    ·         Unknown infections (Hussar's collection)

    ·         Wounds, burns

    ·         Allergic diseases accompanied by skin manifestations

    ·         All types of infections

    ·         Chronic diseases


    Creates Structured Water in 3 to 5 minutes for enhanced hydration!

    Treatment of this illness can be carried out in home conditions, using the device as the only or a helpful means.

    Call for price: 917-776-5410

    Bio N’ Ice

    BIO N' ICE

    Bio N' Ice, a new approach to skin care, combines cryo-face therapy and light therapy in one easy-to-use unit.

    Nothing makes you younger like ice and light. This "popular" recipe is practical and simple to use

    Cryo-face therapy and light therapy is currently being used in skin rejuvenation salons and spas around the world to help remove wrinkles, ease vascular problems, heal acne, and rejuvenate the skin on the face, neck, and chest.

    Cryo-face therapy and light therapy - is a procedure to improve the aesthetic appearance and contour of the face and body.  It can help get rid of cellulite and excess localized fat deposits, improving elasticity, slowing the aging process and aging of skin. The new word in the fight for youth and beauty is Bio N’ Ice.

    The combination of cryo-face therapy and light therapy creates an "ice-lifting effect," which prevents aging, sagging skin, and removes wrinkles.  From there, we can add the sentence which says, "The new word in the fight for beauty is Bio N' Ice.

    How to prepare the ice with BIO N' ICE

    Bio N’ Ice and LED light

    What is LED light?

    What do we mean by light?

    The term ’light’ normally applies to the visible part of the electro-magnetic spectrum. For human beings, that means wavelengths between approximately 380 and 780 nanometers (nm). These are approximate values because to the human eye, visibility fades out gradually rather than breaking off abruptly. As a result, no exact range can be defined.

    Infrared and ultraviolet rays are not in the light range people can see, but are still generally referred to as ’light’.

    Red - Blue - Green

    Red is                        620 to 660 nm

    Blue is                       430 to 485 nm.         

    Green is                    510 to 565 nm.  

      LED Red Light Bio N’ Ice Therapy Unit Benefits Include: (Use in the Morning)

    • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Reduces the appearance of large pores
    • Treats blemishes
    • Stimulates to improve skin tone
    • Regeneration/stimulation of collagen
    • Restores (Regains) skin’s natural cellular collagen elastin and activity
    • Soothes sun-damaged skin
    • Increases circulation to the skin helping activate optimum metabolic function
    • Ideal for irregular pigmentation and skin texture
    • Soothes and helps balance out the skin's pH to reduce redness and flushing
    • Also ideal for Pain Management & Inflammation

    Red LED Light Bio N’ Ice Therapy gives you the freedom to:

    • HOW IT MAKES US FEEL:  Gives us the ability and confidence to....
    • Stop hiding behind sunglasses
    • Wear less makeup
    • Feel more confident
    • Save money with less Cosmetics and Skincare products and treatments.
    • Be noticed. You will look and feel better both on the outside and inside... It's up to you if you decide to share your secret!
    • Feel beautiful and younger in your own skin 

    Red LED light Bio N’ Ice therapy can make a profound difference in your skin and you can begin making those changes today with Bio N’ Ice

    Blue LED Light Bio N’ Ice Therapy Unit Benefits Include: (Use in the Evening) 

    Blue light has a wavelength of 420 to 490 nm. This means it is visible to the human eye. However, indirectly perceived blue light can affect our behavior too. As US researchers recently discovered, the human eye has special photo-receptor cells that react to blue light by influencing the body’s own sleep patterns.

    Researchers have been examining the various beneficial effects of blue light for a long time. Blue light has, for example, been shown to have a positive influence on depressive moods. This has led to the development of special blue light therapy applications that are used particularly during winter months.

    Blue light with a wavelength of 453 nm stimulates various positive processes in the human body. 

    How is blue LED light used?

    Ever since the pain-relieving properties of blue LED light became known, research has been seeking ways of making it useful for medical applications. The goal was to quickly develop a mobile application of blue LED light, and to make it available to patients – for example, people with back pain. A research team has succeeded in developing a mobile LED that enables blue LED light to be used directly on areas of the body both for paid reduction and soothing. This therapy form can be used daily and many areas of the body.

    Unlike UV rays, blue LED light is not toxic for skin cells. This means its pain-relieving and protective properties can be used broadly. In particular, the fact that blue LED light induces the body’s own natural processes – without the need for chemical substances – gives it a crucial advantage over other therapy forms.

    How safe is blue LED light?

    Safety concerns are a common occurrence with any type of therapy. But with blue LED light, there is no need to worry. Unlike UV rays, for instance, blue LED light is not toxic providing therapy recommendations are followed.

    Applications with blue LED light are absolutely safe. This is due to the high-tech engineering, and also the wavelength used: 453 nanometers (nm). 

    It was established that blue LED light with a central wavelength of 453 nm doses of up to 250 J/cm² is not toxic for skin cells.

    It was confirmed that even repeated applications are harmless providing recommended doses are adhered to. (2-3 minutes per session)

    Blue LED Light Bio N’ Ice Therapy Unit Benefits Include:

    ·        Designed to penetrate deep into the tissue.

    ·        Targets the bacteria that cause acne breakouts.

    ·        Portable and Durable. Easy to carry and use anywhere and “on-the-go”.

    ·        Soothing to the skin for helping the reduction of puffiness, stress and overall calming effect.

    ·        See results with 2-3 minute treatments twice a day.

    • Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Reduces the appearance of large pores
    • Treats blemishes
    • Stimulates to improve skin tone
    • Regeneration/stimulation of collagen
    • Soothes sun-damaged skin
    • Ideal for irregular pigmentation and skin texture
    • Sooths and helps balance out the skins pH to reduce redness and flushing
    • Also ideal for Pain Management & Inflammation

     Green LED Bio N’ Ice Therapy-Unit Benefits Include: (Use anytime, as needed)

    Bio N’ Ice Green LED Light Therapy is developed to treat specific skin areas that require more attention and for those with sensitive skin. .

    Certain areas of the body are exposed more to the effects of the sun as well as the electromagnetic frequencies and free radicals in the air.  Areas such as the face, neck, chest, arms, hands and shoulders are exposed more than other areas of the body. Therefore, those areas might require a bit more care to the sun damaged areas.  These areas might have more discoloration, hyper-pigmentation, sun and liver spots as well as other skin issues

    What does Bio N' Ice Green LED light do?


    ·        Designed to target the areas more affected by sun damage

    ·        Created to smooth out the skin and lighten freckles

    ·        Use on areas with Melanin/pigmentation, sun/liver/age spots, discolorationand hyper-pigmentation.

    ·        Will help accelerate the treatment effects for an overall skin balance.

    • Reduces the appearance of large pores
    • Treats blemishes
    • Regeneration/stimulation of collagen
    • Restores (Regains) skin’s natural cellular collagen elastic and activity
    • Soothes sun-damaged skin
    • Ideal for irregular pigmentation and skin texture
    • Soothes and helps balance out the skin's pH to reduce redness and flushing

    Bio N’ Ice is a safe, effective, painless and scientifically acceptable alternative for the treatment of sun damaged skin.

    Price: $250.00



    Protect yourself and every one in your family against dangerous Electromagnetic Fields

    In this modern world knowingly or unknowingly we expose ourselves to invisible hazards. We are hooked on wireless technology and there is a dark side. Evidence shows that regular use of cell phones begins to heat brain tissue and affect the cells.

    However there is solution


    After considerable research we have found out that certain earth Minerals have the capability to successfully Harmonize the Radiation / EMF and reduce the Heat of the Mobile Phones. We have employed this unique Mineral Technology plus SCALAR TECHNOLOGY in creating this "need of the hour gadget" RADISAFE and presenting it to you for your protection.

    RADISAFE is certified by the World renowned Electronics Measurements and Devices Testing Laboratory CIEMS - CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICS AND MATERIALS SCIENCE, California, USA to possess Electromagnetic Shielding Effectiveness of 99.95% when tested at the Frequency of 9.375 GHz.

    One must be aware that currently latest GSM and CDMA phones are operating at a maximum Frequency of 2100 MHz (2.1 GHz) only, whereas RADISAFE is tested to shield Radiation even at a Frequency of 9.375 GHz. When RADISAFE is stuck on the ear piece hole of the mobile or on the front side or back side of the Mobile Phone as nearer to ear piece as possible, it immediately starts to Shield Radiation and reduce heating of the Mobile Phone, thanks to the Mineral Technology and Scalar Technology employed in RADISAFE.

    The beneficial physical and biological effects of using RADISAFE have been clinically tested and demonstrated as testified by World renowned Russian GDV Karlian Camera Technologies and the results are published elsewhere in this website.

    RADISAFE IS THE MOST TESTED AND PROVEN PRODUCT OF ITS KIND IN THE WORLD. While many similar products from different countries encounter problems of jamming and reduction in the tonal quality, RADISAFE with its Unique Technology, not only Harmonizes Radiation and reduces Heating, but does not jam and interfere with the tonal quality of the calls.

    Price: $19.95


    AGELESS WONDER™ is an amazing facial EMS device that is designed to activate the muscles in your face. You can contract the muscle fibers of your face safely and effectively to increase blood flow and exercise your facial muscles so they become firmer and give your face a more lifted appearance.

    Product Features
    -Designed to help for toning, tightening and firming of the facial area or skin
    -Generates small, gentle electrical pulses that activate underlying motor nerves
    -Mimic the natural nerve signal to obtain efficient, pleasant contractions
    -Use bi-polar low voltage micro-current impulses to stimulate facial muscles
    -Adjustable Intensity level (Min 1-Max 30)
    -Auto Timer (Max 20 minutes)
    -6 Specialized pre-programmed modes to target 5 facial areas.

    Different modes and automatic software

    One of the biggest advantages of AGELESS WONDER ™ is you one-touch simple to use AGELESS WONDER’s 6 different programs. So sit back and relax while AGELESS WONDER ™ handles the work for you, whether it’s about getting more toned facial muscles and a firmer, smoother skin.

    Product Benefits

    1. Younger, attractive appearance
    2. Lift and strengthen facial muscles
    3. Toned, firm face
    4. Reduced, fine lines and wrinkles
    5. Less puffiness and under the eyes
    6. Increased circulation
    7. Smoother, softer skin
    8. Lifts skin around the eyes
    9. Easy to use
    10. Convenient to use anywhere, anytime
    11. Suitable for women or men of all ages

    Price: $99.95

    Quantum Approach

    Nature designed the human body-a unique self- organizing system. In Quantum approach, it should be pointed out that, there is no feeling that does not affect, in one way or another, the development of the entire organism, our cells are constantly listening to our thoughts and are being changed by them.

    All religious techniques existing through the ages in the World and being used by different esoteric schools purposed one object - expanding of the Central DNA Basic Model - the Information Constant that is defining the corresponding Universal Spheric Fractal, as a result expanding the derivative peripheral construction by the projection of its own Fundamental Function.


    Advantages and Possibilities
    Offered by Spinor:

    • Unique new technology with patented crystal emitters.
    • FRI-Resonance Recording.
    • Easy to handle - can be used by everyone.
    • Pain is managed. Works quickly and effectively.
    • Anti-aging effects, strengthening your systems.
    Shipping Fees $5.95
    Free shipping on orders over $50.00

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