Video-Computer Psycho-Correction

Video-Computer Psycho-Correction

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Video-Computer Psycho-Correction

Technology of Video-computer psycho-analysis (VCP) is psychological analysis done using the photo of the individual, by analyzing different features on the photo it is possible to accurately assess individual’s psychological state and furthermore take corrective action to balance and harmonize the person. 

Currently this technology is gaining popularity and is being used in beauty salons, rejuvenation centers, centers of psychological help, personnel services. Workers of personnel services apply VCP in civil services and large firms for selection, arrangement and evaluation of the personnel. 

Doctors of regenerative medicine apply VCP as additional means to considerably improve treatment. 
We have helped many get a better quality of life by doing using VCP, now your chance to get the diagnostic and correction at a discounted price. 

What you will get from the Video-computer psycho-diagnostics  

  • Stability of mentality, 
  • Harmony of the personality, 
  • Spiritual potential, 
  • Forecast of behavior in an extreme situation (display of instincts), 
  • Forecast at deterioration of condition, 
  • Recommendation on harmonization of personality, 
  • Recommendation on vocational counseling, 
  • Time perception, 
  • Psychological compatibility (mutual understanding) of the person with 49 psychological types. 

How to place an order

  • Your Photograph from the front
  • Eyes looking straight into the lens
  • Size of the photo should be minimum 300 X 500 pix
  • You could submit the photograph via e-mail with above instructions
  • You will receive your Video-Computer Psycho-Analysis within 2 to 3 days
  • For Video-Computer Psycho-correction you would need to contact our office via Telephone or Skype
Since ancient times, people tried to improve their condition, considering the reflection of their face. In the twentieth century were created by methods of psycho-correction on the basis of biofeedback, when a person looks at various display their wealth and trying to change it for the better.

Developed such methods as; mirror therapy, phototherapy and mask-therapy, etc. We look at a photograph of a sculpture or a mask of our face and changing for the better. All these methods are ineffective because based on the consideration of direct display of his fortune.

Significantly more effective is the method of psychological correction, based on the consideration of the difference pattern, re-created through the synthesis of two models of its state. In this case the reaction of a person on the order of magnitude is stronger. Person reacts to a difference now with greater sensitivity, which leads to the launch mechanism of psycho-physics self-regulation. This mechanism is a natural property rights, but for some reason does not work. Difference pattern is the key to its launch.

Psycho-correction is as follows. The computer synthesizes the two new human faces - two portraits, which represent a model showing the status of the two hemispheres of the brain of this person.
These portraits are composed of 2 halves of the right face and figuratively reflect the status of the right hemisphere of the brain analyzed person. This portrait is conventionally called right-brain or "spiritual."

Another portrait is made up of 2 halves of the left face and vividly displays the status of the left hemisphere of the brain investigated person. This portrait is conventionally called the left hemisphere, or "Vital."

Analyzed person simultaneously contemplates his "spiritual" and "Vital" portraits and draws attention to the difference manifested in these portraits of subconscious feelings. In this case, on the basis of visual biofeedback (BFB) triggers the psychophysical self (harmonization).

As a result of psycho-correction is an increase in the coherence of oscillatory processes in the two hemispheres of the brain, increases the resistance of mental processes are coordinated logical and intuitive abilities, increases psychological immunity from life's turmoil and disease. In particular, the decrease of psycho-somatic disorders due to a decrease in spasms of skeletal and smooth muscles.

In addition, there is the symmetric of a human face, because the muscles of the face, which were strained relax and the muscles that were relaxed catching up - there is increased tone. Decreases - looseness and sagging facial skin, changing the color of a person, often wrinkles, and other visible signs of "rejuvenation", or rather a return to its vital program.