Elastic Strap Holder with Emitter

Elastic is a stretchy material or an item made with this pliable substance. It is used to create flexible strap holders, waistbands, wristbands, shoulder straps, knee braces and more.  Such devices offer support and comfort to joints as well as alleviating arthritis-induced joint pain. Elastic is most commonly used in clothing. For instance, it is used to provide support in undergarments such as girdles or bras.

Carrying heavy bags and items has always been wearisome to the user. When a user has to carry such a bag and walk for some distance, such as when carrying a golf bag while walking a golf course, having a gripping handle or shoulder strap facilitates carrying. Although golf bags are typically provided with carrying handles for use over short distances, a shoulder strap provides more convenience and comfort for carrying such bags over longer distances.

Several attempts have been made to provide elastic strap holders for use on golf bags. The materials and designs of such prior art devices include foam pads, fur liners, cushioned straps and other devices aimed at increasing the user's comfort and the strap's effectiveness at staying in place on the user's shoulder. Unfortunately, attempts to increase comfort often decrease the stability of the strap holder on the user's shoulder. The movement of the bag and carrier strap often results in an increased incidence of the strap slipping off the shoulder, causing potential damage and discomfort to the user.

Certain strap holders are designed to provide general stability and protection for the shoulders, waistlines and wrists.  CEM World USA offers an elastic strap holder that includes a Cem Emitter making it very convenient to use for the hands, feet, wrists, neck, and back area.  These elastic strap holders are available in 54 cm (24 inch) and in 108 cm (48 inch).

Advantages of the Elastic Strap Holder:

  • Unlike most strap holder, it doesn’t leave marks on your body.
  • It protects the emitter from damages.
  • It is adjustable.
  • It can be used to hold small electronic devices.
  • It can be worn around the head, neck, legs, wrists, and waistline or anywhere on the body.


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