Combining Science and Technology with Skin Treatment

The skin is the largest body organ. As we get older, our skin becomes dryer and looses it moisture.  This is primarily due to the abuse we subject our skin to overexposure of the sun, toxins, bad diet, gravity and hormones. Collagen also begins to break down and causes lines and wrinkles to form around the eyes, lips and brow, leading to a loss of skin's former youthful and healthy glow. Many cosmetic treatments can help, but facial light therapy is one of the gentler, less-invasive treatments, evening out the complexion and reducing fine wrinkles and large pores.

It is a known fact that light therapy for skin is an effective skin care treatment. Professionals such as dermatologists and spas are using the technology as an anti-aging or acne solution. Studies have shown that up to 90% of people see improvements of their skin condition; it became inevitable that home use devices would be created from the professional technology and equipment you can find at dermatologists or skin care centers.

Similar to laser skin treatment, certain types of high-powered LEDs in various colors are used for specific purposes. Unlike lasers the LED does not get hot, so the treatment is completely pain-free. However, it still must be done properly because the LEDs used are quite powerful, and the therapy must be given in concentrated doses. It's also important to remember that the perceived effects of LED therapy only work on injured or unhealthy cells of the tissue. If you were to maintain a continuous schedule of LED therapy for a long period, the unhealthy cells would all heal and you'd receive no more benefits from the treatment.

For tissue cells that are unhealthy, however, the LED will penetrate a small way into the tissue, making it effective on a mostly superficial basis. But that effect is widespread because the light stimulates cell energy and can help change chemical processes within the cell. This is what helps repair the tissue from ailments such as rosacea, acne, or wrinkles, the facial problems most commonly treated with LED therapy. There are three types of LEDs most often used for this therapy: red LEDs, blue LEDs and green LEDs.

In the anti-aging process, what is important is the collagen production, and red light stimulates the collagen production. Collagen is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of your skin, resulting in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. The collagen is also the protein that repair damaged skin cells. You will look younger and have a healthier skin.

On the other hand, the blue light kills the bacteria that cause acne. This type of bacteria is sensitive to light in a certain range (405 to 420 nm). The acne-causing bacteria absorbs the light and the light kills the bacteria. As a result, the acne vanishes. Because red light is more the “healing light”, it is also used for acne: it reduces the inflammation caused by acne, reduces scarring and sebum and oil production.

The Bio N’ Ice green LED light is designed to target the areas more effected by sun damage. This device was created to smooth out the skin and lighten freckles. The green light can be used on areas with Melanin/pigmentation, sun/liver/age spots as well as treating discoloration and hyper pigmentation. This light therapy will help accelerate the treatment effects for an overall skin balance.

Cryo-face therapy and light therapy is a procedure that supposedly improves the aesthetic appearance and contour of the face and body by getting rid of cellulite; excess localized fat deposits, improving elasticity, slowing the aging process and aging of skin. Bio N’ Ice is a therapeutic device designed to restore youth in the skin.

Cryo-face therapy and light therapy is sometimes referred to as the “ice-lifting effect”.  These methods have been widely used for rejuvenation, wrinkle removal face, eyelids, neck, preventing aging, sagging skin and thighs. This is an excellent remedy for the treatment of cellulite and getting rid of fat.

The Bio N’ Ice therapeutic device features:

  • Face lift & wrinkle removal, level the small wrinkle in the corner of eyes, mouth, head.
  • Improve facial outline, double chin, reduce the carotid sheath.
  • Supplement cell energy, strengthen cells activity and eliminate fatigue, recovery beautiful expression.
  • Adjustment of the BIO electrical current in human body and improvement of the incretion disorder, ovary care.
  • Full-body massage, relax the nervous body, enable the tight and shrink parts gentle, dispel the waste in the body, make the mind and body entirely free.


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