CEM Water Activator

Water filtration is the process of taking a contaminated water supply and making it safe for human consumption. Several methods of water filtration are used, but the end goal is always the same: to render the water fit for use by killing or removing bacteria, microbes and other contaminants. The type of water filter to use depends on the precise nature of the contaminants present in the water supply.

The purpose of water filtration is to remove impurities from the water. Water filters are designed to facilitate cleaner water from existing sources as quickly and reliably as possible. Water filters provide safer water, improving the taste as well as removing bacteria that could otherwise cause sickness or infection if ingested.

A water activator is water processing equipment, apparatus or a machine consisting of microprocessor and elector-chemical cells for converting water and salt into solutions for use in laundering or cleaning.

When redox (oxidation reduction) reaction occurs, one component loses electrons or is oxidized and another gains electrons or is reduced; that is, the redox reaction eliminates the red rust and alleviates the hardness source cation (positive ion). Ceramic balls nestled in the CEM replicate the natural bed rock formation, enabling the CEM to produce optimal water filtration. These ceramic balls generate. Far Infrared Ray (FIR), increase surface activity, serves as catalysts, and has strong disinfection properties.

CEM World USA  provides a water activator for treating tap water under an electrostatic field to activate the tap water. The water activator of the invention includes an insulating base; a power unit mounted on the insulating base that has an insulating transformer disposed therein.  An electrode plate is placed on a top face of the power unit and it is covered with an insulating material .Then a tank unit replaceable is mounted on the power unit. The tank unit has a water reservoir for storing tap water along with a cock attached to a lower end of the water reservoir.

One end of a secondary output voltage of the insulating transformer is insulated and disconnected while the other end of the secondary output voltage is connected to the electrode plate. The insulating transformer in the power unit generates and leads a high voltage to the electrode plate so as to form a high-tension electrostatic field in the water reservoir of the tank unit thereby activating the tap water stored in the water reservoir. The treated and activated tap water then spouts from the cock attached to the lower end of the water reservoir.

The water pipe in the water activator increases self-purification and whirlpool and improves water quality by occurrence of centrifugal forces and centripetal forces at once. Heavier substance than water, such as mineral and iron, gather in the center by the centripetal forces, and lighter substance, such as various kinds of impurities and bacteria move to the outside due to strong centrifugal forces and become extinct.

Commonly, “healthy and tasty water” is equal small molecules and activated water. The why natural spring water is tasty is that the water molecules is separated by colliding with rocks, and activated by whirlpool movement. The CEM Water Activator produces healthy and tasty water by reproducing natural mechanism.

This water activator is new state of the art technology designed to record information in water. Different types of programs can be loaded for your specific needs, or you can purchase a device that can be used to change programs in the emitter depending on your needs. Drinking water that was restructured with this emitter will initiate changes in the body leading to desired effect. There is wide verity of programs available.


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