Matrix Germanium Slim Facial Beauty Roller

Say goodbye to your Botox products and anti-aging creams. Made in Japan, the Matrix Germanium Slim Roller is a new and innovative beauty facial roller that uses semi-conductor technology and germanium to take away wrinkles and eliminate darks spots and make you look younger. With this latest device, you can expect facial salon quality results from the comfort of your own home.

The result of using this beauty roller is the tightening and beautifying of the skin and the defiance of the aging process. The Matrix Germs The new innovative design is larger and has a higher output of negative-ion energy in comparison with its smaller counterpart. Balances negative and positive ions allowing the user to have healthy skin which helps remove the puffiness in the face. The presence of semi-conductor technology which emits negative ions and the presence of organic germanium results in removing wrinkles and dark spots.

Germanium is a chemical element containing large amount of minerals therefore it is discovered comparatively late. However, scientists announced that organic Germanium is a mystical substance called the element of life, supplying oxygen to body's cells, and increasing the immunity system, without side effects. That is how the Germanium Slim Roller was created.

This beauty device tightens and maintains the skin. The slim facial beauty roller assists in facial slimming. It also eliminates tiredness and fatigue. It has over 200 mv of negative-ion energy. The negative-charge ions from germanium will help in blood purification and balancing the positive and negative ions within the body. This also achieves muscle-relieving effects aside from reducing fatigue and tiredness.

The acidification of the blood which is caused by the loss of electrons can be prevented by negative ions, which contain an abundant amount of electrons. This improves the body's immunity and resistance to sickness.

Each role is roll is equivalent to 1,000 taps during a massage. Germanium in this roller helps get oxygen into the body and increases metabolism which allows the body to detoxify. It also the waste water out of the face and system which results in healthier skin and overall radiant health.

This is a modern trendy beauty roller with natural, non-chemical and environmental-friendly beauty equipment.  The estimated daily intake is about1 mg. There also have been claims that Germanium could be beneficial to health, although this has never been proved scientifically. A high intake of Germanium was supposed to improve the immune system, boost the body's Oxygen supply, make a person feel more alive and destroy damaging free radicals. In addition was said to protect the user against radiation.

As a rare metal, Germanium powder has a health effect on the human body. This substance can be used for all types of health and beauty products. Germanium has the dehydrogenation ability to be able to enable the body to maintain adequate oxygen, thereby increasing the blood oxygen content, and safeguard human health. It can help to activate enzymes, promote cell metabolism, and maintain the skins delicate sheen.

As a safety measure, you should not use this device if you are sensitive to Germanium. Open wound on skin should not contact the roller. The Matrix Germanium Slim Facial Roller should only be cleaned with alcohol; not with water. Lastly, you should not use this facial roller if you have a pacemaker.


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