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The device is meant for using as an individual means of control of the human cardiovascular system PC user can determine the condition of their cardiovascular system in order to

  • Determine the degree of risk of a negative tendency which can lead to complications;
  • Control the heart performance in case of infarction or stroke;
  • Control the development of vascular diseases;
  • Control the effect of heart, vascular and other medication;
  • Prevent dangerous overload during sports and fitness exercises;
  • Control the cardiovascular system in post-stress situations; Control the heart performance after narcotic and alcohol poisoning;
  • Control the heart performance during the rehabilitation period.



2. CARDIOINTERVAL AMPLITUDE–is the time difference of the longest and shortest cardio intervals revealed during measurement. It is the main rhythm driver. The cardio interval amplitude not exceeding 0,16 seconds is considered normal.

Exceeding the norm speaks about the SINUS ARRHYTHMIA.

3. VARIATION RATIO. The parameters indicates whether the taken medicine harms the cardio vascular system.

4.VASCULAR RESISTANCE.Very important for smokers and people suffering from cholesterol. Indicates how free is blood when flowing through vessels. High vascular resistance leads to high arterial pressure. This, in turn, raises a heart attack probability.

5. VASCULAR TONE. Affects the cardiovascular muscle directly. The higher the vascular tone, the heavier the heart load. When cardiovascular tone is low, medical examination regarding hormonal changes recommended.

6.MAXIMAL LOAD TIME. Time required by blood to be pushed out of heart into the aorta. This parameter can be used to find out how tired an organism is or whether any heart disease occurred.