Energy Health and Beauty Wand

The Energy Wand was developed to be used with the E-Power Machine as an alternative way to stimulate the meridians of the body.  It is a natural energy-channeling device that molecularly enhances and restores energy, inner body balance, and harmony. The high heat fusion process, in combination with micro minerals and crystals charge this wand and creates a powerful tool that can be used to assist the body in rejuvenation.

The Energy Wand utilizes a specific combination of 35 different natural minerals as well as crystals. This device provides zero point and scalar energy, magnetic energy, as well as far infrared ray (FIR). The Energy Wand was developed to be used with the E-Power Machine as an alternative way to stimulate the meridians of the body. The vital "Chi" energy or the positive life force flows along the meridians in our body. It is believed that anything that disrupts the flow of "Chi" can cause illness.

The wand itself does not perform the healing. Nor does it restore health. It simply an entrainment device that awakens and alters your body to its own innate self-healing capacity, balance and wholeness. In other words, the energy wand may not be able to reverse the aging process, but it can give your body more vitality and healing power. That way, the Energy Wand may enhance your energy and vitality and may assist in alleviating pain, stress and other health challenges.

The wand may also help improve your sleeping patterns through channeling its natural energy. In order for the wand to be effective in that regard, you should place the wand underneath your pillow or on your nightstand. When worn on the body or carried in a bag, the Energy Wand helps improve and strengthen the body and immune system against the detrimental effects of daily stress and exposure to electromagnetic pollution. Furthermore, the Energy Wand will invigorate the molecular structure in liquids, with the combination of fusion and mineral elements, producing produces a catalytic conversion of energy, thus making these liquids more vital, hydrating and better tasting. This wand can also be used as a protection from harmful Electromagnetic waves that emanate from computers, cell phones, electronic devices, and electrical equipment such as a TV, IPod, or video games.

When using the Energy Wand, hold the wand in your hand and circle it directly over an area that is causing discomfort or pain in the body. Make sure all 5 points of the wand are contacting your skin and make sure you are not applying to much pressure to your skin with the wand. The wands Zero Point Energy penetrates the affected area, in essence reminding the body of its own power to heal, and holding perfect space for such regeneration and healing to take place. You may also stir liquids with the wand to energize your drinks or rotate it above your food to energize it as well. Rotating the wand above a drink, the zero point energy spins into the liquid.

Although there haven’t been reports of adverse side effects using the Energy Wand, precautions should be taken when and if necessary. The Energy Wand should not be used:

  • On the head or face.
  • If your healthcare provider advices you not to use it.
  • If you suffer from a disease that has not been clearly diagnosed.
  • If you are currently under medical treatment.
  • If you recently underwent surgery.
  • If you have an open wound or a skin condition.
  • On infants or young children.
  • Pregnant women or menstruating women.
  • If you have an electrical operating device installed such as a pacemaker.
  • If this product causes fever or other discomforts.


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