Matrix Health line performs resonance correction of organs and tissues

A basically new technique for providing objective treatment for the organism is presented that allows it to struggle against illness on its own and use "internal medicines" which are always dosed by the organism in the most exact manner.

The Matrix Health Line is the first step towards using the universal technologies of the 21st century for treating and restoring the organism's vital functions.

The Matrix Applicator (Patent №7007) is a graphic resonance circuit on a self-adhesive base with specially oriented program characteristics. These have a favorably harmonizing effect of the state of the general physiological system of a human organism through differentiation of the excessive information density and through optimal redistribution of the functional load of the organism's peripheral departments.

Matrix Applicator treats the cause rather than the effect.

Matrix Applicator is intended for both long-term therapy and preventive treatment of acute and chronic diseases in medical institutions and can be administered in a home environment.

Matrix Health Line is a valuable remedy when medicinal preparations cause an acute intoxication of an organism and cannot be used.

Health Matrix - just stick it if you are sick.

Seven main features of the matrix health line:

  1. Safe treatment with the emphasis on Prevention.
  2. Can be well combined with drug therapy, homeopathic remedies, phytotherapy, etc.
  3. Substantially balances the metabolism.
  4. increases the adaptive and immune functions of the human body.
  5. Effectively controls pain syndrome in the cases of trauma, myositis, neuralgia and arthritis.
  6. Able to stop the course of inflammatory reactions and to manifest its anti-allergic effect.
  7. Effective to relieve disturbed sleep and fatigability.