Water Structurer For Domestic Purposes

Water Structurer For Domestic Purposes "AQUACLUSTER"

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Water structurer for domestic purposes "AQUA-CLUSTER" is a new product of "AIRES" Foundation, designed to regulate structural-informational state of H2O through the optimization of its cluster structure.

The water after being under the structurer influence acquires properties of natural water from melted snow, which positive effect is widely known. The water treated by the structurer exerts a positive effect on all physiological systems of human, animal organism and plants and contributes to the normalization of their functioning.

The structurer represents silicon crystal with fractal-matrix topology based on Aires technologies applied on it. The plate is protected by special frame.

"AQUACLUSTER" is a large layers diffraction system (space-wave Fourier filter), which structures physical fields including electromagnetic field proper to the water.

Due to fractal topology, the device provokes resonance within the system of water clusters, that, as the result of self-organization, leads to the optimization of structural-informational state of water and is accompanied by changes in its spectral characteristics in infrared diapason and of its physical and chemical parameters, pH and conductivity in particular.

The structurer is activated immediately after being placed into water. The exposition time is given in the user manual.

As a preventive treatment, 0.5 of glass of structured water 30 minutes before eating is enough. You may also drink this water with prescribed pharmacological medicines, which will contribute to their adequate assimilation.

The "AQUACLUSTER" structurer can be of irreplaceable help in every house.

It is widely known that the quality and the taste of the food depend on the quality of products and other ingredients used to prepare it. This is why the preparation of drinks and other dishes with the structured water will give you new gustatory sense.

The "AQUACLUSTER" structurer can be of a great use for gardeners. Regular watering of plants with structured water will raise harvest. Besides, it is recommended to use the structured water while couching seeds before planting them into the earth. It will have a benef ic effect on the germination process and on the richer harvest.