Tokyo Earrings and Pendent

Tokyo Earrings and Pendent

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The wave nature of living organism-crystal interaction lies in the basis of an old system of the correction of a biological system with minerals.

The receptacle resonance increases the effectiveness, and perfects the crystal structure representing fractal abject is, higher the quality of the resonance is.

However, as a rule, crystal structures of natural objects contain numerous defects, which is reflected in the crystal quality, the same as in the quality of the organism-crystal resonance.

The technology elaborated by the new Medical technologies foundation Aires makes it possible to carry out a similar correction of biological system on the basis of the resonance interaction avoiding natural minerals defects.

Two-sided microprocessors-resonators carrying fractal-matrix scheme on both sides are placed into the last generation of TOKYO jewelry, produced by the Aires foundation and having a unique design.

Microprocessors represent a space wave Fourier analyzes decomposing wave impulses produced by organism cells into harmonious components.

Unlike the first generations jewelry, because of two topologies screams, the regular use of the new product makes the processes of harmonization of the space wave cells radiation and of activation of self-regulatory mechanism going faster and with the higher quality. This results in a higher accordance of action of organism life support systems.

Combining health and beauty is a tenancy of modern time, which is realized, in the new generation of TOKYO jewelry.