Water Activator

Water Activator

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Water Activator Description

Full manual for this product - Operating_Manual_Actvator.pdf

This emitter is new state of the art technology that can record information in water. Different types of programs can be loaded for your specific needs, or you can purchase a device that can be used to change programs in the emitter depending on your needs. Drinking water that was restructured with this emitter will initiate changes in the body leading to desired effect. There is wide verity of programs available.

Simply tighten emitter on any 0.25-0.33 liter plastic bottle and place it on the cup as shown in the image above. Water must be in contact with the EHF surface.

  1. Emitter-tube is connected to the device Spinor® ACTIVATOR "with a connecting cable with standard USB connectors. Since the transmitter is allowed to use the cable type USB A / miniB 5Pwith wide base of the tail from the connector miniB not more than 10 mm. Length of connecting cable should be no more than 1,8 m.
  2. Do not use cables longer than recommended, as this may lead to a decrease in pulse power of the emitter.
  3. Before use, it is recommended that part of the radiator, which will be in contact with the liquid to disinfect a flannel cloth (gauze, cotton wool), slightly dampened with ethylalcohol. Before disinfecting wipe thoroughly overcome.
  4. o prevent liquid from getting into the radiator NEVER wipe radiator with abundantly moistened cloth.
  5. To avoid damage to the radiator NEVER immerse the transmitter in the water and expose it to shock and excessive mechanical stress.
  6. When dealing with biologically active substances and chemicals (fungicides, etc.) should take all necessary precautions associated with the exception of accidental spills into the radiator,and with the exception of accidental contact with skin, mucous membranes, the respiratory tract.
  7. Use of biologically active substances and chemicals only in accordance with instructions for their application, as set by the manufacturer. Implement when working with biologically activesubstances and chemicals, personal protective equipment.
  8. Warning Output radiation of the radiator located on the side opposite to the marking rates of the emitter.
  9. When you work with the device may not look to the emitter of the output radiation with the naked eye (at the location of the emitter at a distance of less than 50 cm from the eye) to avoidpossible undesirable physiological effects.
  10. Do not connect the device Spinor® ACTIVATOR "and radiators with connection cables for any other equipment (such as a PC).