Color Emitter

Color Emitter

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Color Emitter

Apparatus EHF portable infrared therapy with interchangeable color emitters "CEM closely" (hereinafter - the device, removable therapeutic emitters), is designed to treat patients low intensity and background radiation of electromagnetic waves is very high frequency (EHF) and infrared light (IR) under the action of biologically active points of the body and parts of the skin.

Apparatus and replacement therapy color emitters can be used in therapeutic and prophylactic broad-based institutions, and individually prescribed by a doctor in the hospital and ambulatory conditions, as well as a means of self and mutual assistance.

The device can be operated in rooms with ambient temperatures from +10 to +35 C and relative humidity less than 80% at +25 C. The device is made in a portable version with built-in battery pack.

The apparatus consists of the power supply and management, concluded in a plastic case, which is located cemtechlcdelektronnaya scheme for pulsed power semiconductor emitters simultaneously on two channels and battery.From the BPA power supply comes in to remote radiators. When the device is operational check batteries, radiators and indication of their condition using the matrix display.
Apparatus "CEM close" can be equipped with a radiator on the following frequencies (wavelengths) of radiation that are in the range: 

  • № 1 - 40-43 GHz (wavelength 7,5 .6,977 mm) (EHF) 
  • № 2 - 52-57 GHz (5,769-5.263 mm) (EHF) 
  • № 3 - 57-63 GHz (5.263-4,762 mm) (EHF) 
  • № 4 - with a broadband noise spectrum Hanna 
  • № 5 - infrared light in the range of 0.7 - 1.2мкм (IR)

Blue Emitter 57-63 GHz (5263 - 4762mm) (EHF) corresponds to a resonant frequency of endocrine system;

Green Emitter 52-57 GHz (5769 - 5263mm) (EHF) corresponds to a resonant frequencies lymphatic system;

Yellow Emitter with a broadband noise spectrum Hanna (EHF) Universal;

Red Emitter 40-43 GHz (wavelength 7.5 - 6977mm) (EHF) corresponds to resonance frequencies of blood and blood-forming organs;