Silicone Body Cups

Silicone Body Cups

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Silicone Body Cups

New Approach to Health and Beauty

The massaged surface should be applied with oil or massaged cream. One or two cups are set, dosing the vacuum force by squeezing of the cylinder. Doing this, one must take into consideration his/her skin's sensitiveness. Then using attached cup, one must make sliding massage movements in direction that may be straight-line, circular, and zigzag.

The time of massage is individual (10-15 minutes). Procedures are carried out 3 to 4 times a week. The number of procedures depends on individual condition. It is recommended to rest for 15 to 30 minutes.

With colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, one must massage from lower corners of shoulder blades to shoulders (on the back), the lateral sides of chest and also from breastbones to left and right shoulders. Under the cups massage influence sputum comes out, breathing becomes better. Body temperature is lowered. After the procedure it is recommended to be covered with a blanket.

With cellulites, the cups massage of muscles of hips and buttocks is carried out. The movement of the cups is circular, zigzag and straight-line. (The movements of each kind must be repeated 5-6 times). Under the cups massage influence cellulites are automatically broken down. To intensify the effect, the massaged surface may be should be applied with anti-cellulite cream. Attention! One must not massage the inner hip surface. 

In order to improve the immunity with long-lasting illness, the method of auto-heliotherapy is applied. It means applying the cups on buttock's skin on 30-60 times in a great vacuum mode. The massage course should be done for ten days.

For trauma, the massage is applied for the normalization of blood flow and lymph flow, for the elimination of pain syndrome, for the regeneration and the reparation of tissues, for the normalization of the oxidation-reduction processes. One starts to massage above the injured place, descending little by little to the parts adjoining the injured area.

You will have incredible results!

Therapeutic procedure

The therapeutic effect of the physiotherapeutic cups procedure is realized by means of the vacuum, which causes the local rush of blood and lymph to skin from deep lying tissues, which exerts the reflex influence on vessels of internal organs. Besides, the biological active substances are synthesized in the influenced area. These substances stimulate the metabolic and restoration processes.


Inflammation of respiratory organs: bronchitis, pneumonias, disease-prevention measures for hypostatic pneumonias.
  • Directions for use of Matrix Silicone Body Cups Extremely easy to apply (just squeeze it, press to skin & release)
  • Easy to control the vacuum (squeeze it more or less)
  • Safe for any age of people (no danger involved)
  • The best time to massage yourself with these cups - when you are bathing or having your shower (which is impossible with any other type of cups!)
  • Contraindications of Matrix Silicone Body Cups
Pulmonary bleedings, active stage of consumption, malignant tumors, hemorrhagic diathesis, skin diseases and abrupt sensitiveness of skin, blood diseases, considerable patient's attrition, irregularity of the heart rhythm and conductivity, idiopathic hypertension of the third degree. Cups must not be placed on spinal column, on the region of heart and kidneys, on woman's mammary glands. All the procedures must be submitted to the consulting approval.