Matrix Ecological Converter

Matrix Ecological Converter

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Matrix Ecological Converter

Matrix-Aires Ecological Converter Information 

Matrix converter is the latest development that accumulated a many year theoretical and practical experience of the employees Matrix Health Line and Aires Technologies Foundation. 

The fractal pyramidal converter is a physical device displaying and fixing space-wave interactions, volumetric, structurizer of natural and technogenic physical fields. 

The complicated multilevel converter's design counts about 1000 segments in the form of flat matrix resonators with topological lines of about 20 m wide. The converter interacts with three main factors, defining the existences of our planetary space, namely: 
  • Gravitational component
  • Visible and invisible range of solar radiation
  • Electromagnetic field of the Earth of natural or technogenic origin 
As a result of use of these three universal for out world components, a stable strictly ordered fractal high-density field, which is capable in turn to realize resonance correction of the field structures of the environment, is synthesized in the converter. 
Precisely verified, the mathematically valid design of the converter ensures formation of multi frequency resonance. The fractal-matrix topology applied onto the planes of the converter interacts with the structure of the EM field at a "deeper" level. The stable fractal structure of EM field developed in the converter supports ordered synthesis of biological substance on the base of genetic principles corresponding to the main parameters of existence of stable hyper-complex systems. The matrix realized in the architecture of the AIRES converter represents the graphic circuit of "space harmonization". It provokes the restoration of integrity and general system integration of all components of a biological organism. In this case, only those algorithms of the genetically fixed software are actuated that correspond to the basis of the given object. 

With the use of the converter it is possible to optimize the structural-information state of water, both in the environment and inside living organisms. The formation of a resonance between modified clusters, formed in structured water, and water medium of a biological organism will make it possible to use successfully human genetic resources to build up an active potential, to restore and maintain his/her vital resources. 

In the converters effective area restoration of a human natural coherent electromagnetic field occurs, and it also ensures synchronization of functioning of all his/her organs and systems with the natural rhythm of the Earth. The converters application optimizes a functional status of the CNS, accompanied by removal of anxiety and stress; it also contributes to increase of workability and adaptive ability of an organism to harmful effect of electromagnetic fields created by industrial and household electric, TV and radio equipment.