Directional Spatial Structure

Directional Spatial Structure

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Directional Spatial Structure

The product represents a transparent film which bears matrix graphics.

The Directional Spatial Structure is a spatial optical Fourier filter capable of analyzing a light flux into a series of harmonic oscillations which can produce a favorable effect on all living entities.

It can protect from the harmful action of the electromagnetic smog and geopathogenic radiation, which the population of big cities is particularly prone to, and also can trigger compensatory-restoration processes in living organisms.

To activate the Directional Spatial Structure, both transmitted and reflected light flux emitted by any kind of source (an electric light bulb, laser, the sun, etc.)

You can use an unlimited number of Directional Spatial Structure simultaneously.

Examples of Using the Directional Spatial Structure in Everyday Life:
  • Several Directional Spatial Structure can be applied to windowpanes in a form of symmetrically arranged circles or hexagons cut out according to the lines on the scheme
  • They can be applied to a car's rear window
  • The matrix can be applied to under the glass pane of a working table
  • They can be applied to the case of a monitor
  • They can be stuck to under a seat place
  • They can be placed in the projections of geopathogenic zones, etc.