Matrix Mirror

Matrix Mirror

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Matrix Mirror is based on an fractal matrix optical filter with topological relief in a chromium coating. The aluminium mirror coating is put on the topological circuit side and protected by a layer of varnish.

Optical filters represent a circular fractally organized diffraction latice, which is space-wave analyzer, decomposing a stream of imcoming electromagnetic oscillations of optical (in each particular case) range into a number of simple harmonic motions (space Fourier spectrum). In this case, a mirror type filter works as a reflector.

Taking into account, that the greatest amount of information about the enviornment arrives through the system of vision and also, considering structural and anatomic features of a visual analyzer, the most effective synchronization of biological processes cam be preformed by means of influence of a external systematizing factor to the visual system.

The "Matrix Mirror" mirrors the matrix topology is easily projected to any compicated surface object reflected in a mirror.

The effect of an "Matrix Mirror" on biologically active points and zones makes it possible to correct a number of functional disorders of physiological systems in the organism.

The "Matrix Mirror" can be used not only for the harmonization of the environment , but also has a favorable effect on living objects it reflects.