Matrix-Comfort Belt

Matrix-Comfort Belt

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The "Matrix-Comfort" belt is an effective means for preventing and treating diseases of the spine and the small pelvis organs.

The belt is and elastic knitted strap with special pockets designed for fixing up to sixteen fractal-matrix applicators MATRIX HEALTH LINE of any modifications on the small pelvis area. It is recommended to insert the specially developed laminated modification in the belt.

One clumsy move or a slight supercooling can cause radiculitis, adnexitis, or cystitis distort your habitual rhythm or even make you stay in bed.

The resonators inserted in the belt act immediately and unilaterally, normalizing the muscle tonus, re-enforceing blood stream and lumph stream, speeding up processes of cell and tissue restoration, and thus they bring conductivity of the spine and activity if the small pelvis organs back to normal.

So, with time, you will not only stop feeling unwell, but also eliminate their initial cause.

An exclusive feature of all technological products of the MATRIX HEALTH LINE Foundation is in the field of new medical technologies is that they harmonize interaction of co-subordinated organs and involve the entire organism in the process of restoration by acting locally with the help of multi-frequency resonance.