The New Matrix "Ortostep"

Combined with cutting-edge medical technology and traditional materials used in the footwear industry, the Ortostep is a matrix insole product designed to improve your well-being. These orthotic insoles are designed to correct your posture and promote proper foot function. They are a cure for foot and lower body pain as well as a preventative measure which can be taken to stop foot problems from developing. Matrix Ortostep insoles can help to get rid of foot corns for good, make calloused skin a think of the past, and can even cure bunions and hammer toes. Many people simply wear them for the comfort they offer as they make walking really comfortable. In other words, the matrix insoles will get your feet back to a more natural position. It will also ensure that your posture is corrected and that you can walk, run and jump in perfect comfort.   

The feet naturally absorb shock. Each foot is an intricate assortment of 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments and tendons. These are combined with a plethora of nerves, blood vessels and soft tissues and make each foot a highly complex and effective shock absorber, weight distribution mechanism and a propulsion system. Over a quarter of the bones in the human body are in the feet, yet they are frequently one of the most neglected parts of the body. Small changes in the posture and position of the tissues and bones that make up the feet can lead to problems which can be felt throughout the body. Back, neck and shoulder pain can start in the feet, and many muscular and joint problems can find their root cause in the feet. If you suffer from muscular or joint pain, it could well be your feet that are the problem and that they are putting your body out of the correct position.

This sole padding is made with Ecostep, a manufactured formulated compound that uses up to 30% recycled scrap rubber that would otherwise be thrown away. Ecostep is highly abrasion resistant and provides great traction in all kinds of weather and terrain. Ecostep is a material to be described as an eco-compound, capable of reducing waste and the use of virgin materials by up to 30 percent. The manufacturer of Ecostep has been able to achieve a level of eco efficiency, where they are beginning to offset the need to use new or virgin rubber in making their soles. They can create a shoe sole with the same properties of using virgin material, but have added around 30 percent regrind material to the mix. The rubber scraps are generated by their production process (post industrial content) and are reground in the mix to produce the EcoStep compound.

This unique prophylactic product is specifically made for people who suffer from podiatric conditions or diseases of the musculo-skeletal system. Ostensibly, the ortostep can be particularly beneficial to anyone who is obese or overweight. The feet have a hard time of carrying extra weight, and it can really take its toll on the foot arches. The arches can collapse through overuse, and when that happens, all manner of foot problems can develop. With matrix insoles with arch supports the foot arches can be maintained to ensure that the body weight can be properly supported. If you normally spend a full day on your feet very frequently, or love to walk run or exercise, a pair of ortostep insoles can be a relief to your lower body and feet. These ortostep insoles allow the weight of the body to be properly distributed, you will have extra comfort underneath pressure points, and your feet will be positioned properly to help prevent premature tiring. You should be able to feel the difference after just a few minutes of walking with ortostep insoles, and certainly after a long day on the feet.

Matrix insoles "Ortostep" not only make your walk more comfortable, preventing overload of the foot, but also reduce the possibility of development of impending epidemics such as:

  • Diseases of the joints,
  • Diseases of the spine,
  • Diseases of muscles and tendons,
  • Diseases of the nervous system: neuralgia, neuritis,
  • Disorders of the autonomic nervous system - the neuroses in children and adults,
  • Peripheral vascular disease - endarteritis obliterans, atherosclerosis of lower extremities,
  • Diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular system,
  • Digestive diseases,
  • Diseases of the reproductive system.

Matrix insoles "Ortostepā€, have on the body overall preventive, curative and harmonizing effect when regularly used. They perfectly complement and enhance the effect of the use of any products produced by Matrix "AIRES Technologies. An important additional feature of the insoles "Ortostep" is their capacity to absorb stress and take a form close anatomical shape of the foot. It hides the possible disadvantages of the insole inside the shoe soles. New modification of insoles "Ortostep",is effective for the duration of their use, due to their use in the manufacture of modern technology . Ortosteps are made with matrix insoles that come in two universal sizes 40 and 46.


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