Power Balance Bracelet

Our bodies consist of a series of organic chemicals that generate electro-magnetic energy. Every time we breathe, our heart beats, our brain thinks, or that we move our hands and legs, we are triggering electrical charges called ions. These ions travel through the body whenever there is an occurrence of physical activities. Stress, injury, and illnesses can disrupt these ions. The power balance bracelet can help restore and optimize electro-magnetic balance within the human body. A power balance bracelet is essentially a bracelet that allegedly uses holographic technology to resonate with and respond to the natural energy field of the body. In short, wearing these wristbands is supposed to improve one’s physical strength, balance, and flexibility. The bracelet contains holograms within the silicone bracelet that acts on the body's energy fields, increasing energy. The bracelet has its many benefits when wearing it. It induces faster synaptic response, enhances muscle reflexes, increases stamina and flexibility. It also improves gravitational balance as well.  These bracelets are commonly worn by athletes. In 2010, these power balance bracelets became a fad among professional sportsmen.  


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