Matrix Optical Filters

Matrix Optical Filters

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The package of each type of optical filters "Matrix" includes two disks made of borosilicate glass. Each of the disks bears a fractal-matrix module (patent of the Russian Federation Ns 2200968) and represents a spatial analyzer capable of expanding a flow of oncoming optical-range electromagnetic oscillations into a series of harmonious oscillations coinciding with the Fourier spatial spectrum.
Filters installed in the spectacle frame according to user instruction.

Information is primarily perceived through the visual system, so increasing the level of orderliness of visual information leads to the most efficient synchronization of biological processes, which was proved by investigations into the effect of the Aires Matrix Filters on the functional activity of the human brain activity, and help increase stability of a person's psychoemotional state, remove fatigue and irritability.

All types of Filters can be recommended:
  • to persons whose work requires straining their visual system
  • to persons whose work requires high attention concentration
  • to persons whose work is linked with increased level of psychoemotional load
  • to persons who work with all types of monitors
  • to persons with increased level of psychoemotional reactions
  • to persons with visual impairment
The Optical Filters should be used according to the instruction manual.

The 2nd generation of Optical Protective Filters contributes, first and foremost, to the activation of central nervous system regulatory processes and restoration of self-regulatory mechanisms of organism as a whole.

The 3rd generation of Optical Protective Filters contributes mainly to the optimization of regulatory mechanisms supplied by vascular system.

The 4th generation of Optical Protective Filters is recommended for prevention of disorders in functioning of central nervous system, of visual system and of the organism as a whole. Updated topologic schemes of 4th generation of Optical Filters makes it possible to achieve a new impact level on the functional capacities of the organism increasing its potential during a short lap of time. The 4th generation of Optical Filters has a substantial positive effect on such important systems as immune, vascular and endocrine systems. Besides, the use of optical Filters produces the increase in drain function and slows down degenerative processes in the organism.