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New Matrix "Ecostep"

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New Matrix "Ecostep"

In the feet, we have biologically active points, the projections of vitally important organs, so it makes sense to structure the information flows that circulate through them. If harmoniously structured information flows are let in the human organism’s system, they can produce a healing and health¬ improving effect on it. Similarly, increasing the level of information orderliness and harmony can protect the structural form against blocks, and so can provide prophylaxis from various diseases, thus enhancing the system’s self¬-regulation abilities, and increasing its pureness and viability. 

Investigations conducted in the area of reflex-therapy revealed that the farther a treated point from the object to be influenced, the higher the efficiency of the treatment. For example, in order to quickly remove a pain syndrome, you need to find a respective reflex point or zone that is remote from the painful organs. For this the foot is the optimal choice, because it has a lot of reflex points on its surface. 

Apparently this is the reason why the Aires Matrix Insoles are so popular with buyers. Moreover, the plantar surface of the feet is the most sensitive medium for exerting a reflex influence on both the kidney tissues and adrenal glands, which can be used in treating the diseases of the endocrine systems. 

They are made matrix insoles two universal sizes - 40 and 46 - of which the attached template cut insoles required consumer size.

That’s why it is important that the feet be in contact with the graphics the Aires Matrix Insoles carry.