Matrix Corrective Cap

Matrix Corrective Cap

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The microchip presents a silicon plate bearing a fractal-matrix scheme designed by the Aires Foundation engineers.

The microchip is a passive fractal-matrix resonator, a universal spatial-wave Fourier filter capable of analyzing any kind of electromagnetic field oscillations (background, man-caused, and biological) into harmonic components.

The fractal topology used in the microchip is a new generation one. As a result, the efficiency of the resonance interaction between the microchip and the field generated by an electromagnetic oscillations source (a tissue or an organ of the human body) is enhanced by several orders of magnitude, and a more harmonious and ordered background space is established in the area of interaction.

Microchips are arranged in circles so as to cover all active points and areas of the head. In this way, the Corrective Cap produces its effect on all projections of the internal organs, the hearing and vision organs, the tactile and olfactory receptors, as well as on the points of projection of the brain stem structures that regulate such important functions as blood circulation, breathing, and the internal environment parameters.

Besides, the Corrective Cap can produce an antistress effect by eliminating a sense of discomfort, fatigue, and by improving sleep.

The Corrective Cap is also recommended for purposes of preventing asthenoneurotic disturbance, and for controlling the climacteric syndrome.

Pilot medical investigations have showed that the Corrective Cap is safe in wearing for long periods of time (from 40 minutes to 10 hours on end) during both the day and night hours. Persons who are first-time users of products for resonance correction are recommended to gradually increase the time of wearing the Corrective Cap, and are advised to remember that its effect (e.g., the removal of a headache) is increased with observance of the so-called Rule of Rest.

The Corrective Cap is made of light and airable cloth and can be worn as a clothing article by itself or under other head-dresses.

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