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Video-Computer Psycho-Analysis

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Video-Computer Psycho-Analysis

Since ancient times, people tried to improve their condition, considering the reflection of their face. In the twentieth century there were created methods of psycho-correction on the basis of biofeedback, when a person looks at various display their wealth and trying to change it for the better.

Video-computer psycho-analysis based on the definition of functional asymmetry of the two hemispheres of the brain by analyzing the asymmetry of human face image, which is entered into the computer using a video camera or a photo camera.

Psycho-analysis is as follows. Computer evaluates the phase portrait of a person's face (the difference between the angles and average angles of facial features on the left and right side of the face) and determine

1) The dominance of one of the hemispheres of the brain that corresponds to the difference between the amplitudes of oscillatory processes in the left and right hemispheres.

2) The degree of coherence (coherence) of these oscillatory processes with each other.

For these values the computer determines the psychological state of human rights and issues: psychological and professional features, the forecast behavior in extreme situations, the perception of time, psychological compatibility, the probability of psychosomatic disorders and recommendations for harmonization of the individual.

By reducing the coherence and lack of dominance of one of the hemispheres increases the probability of all psychosomatic disorders. By reducing the coherence of oscillatory processes in hemispheres and the dominance of the right hemisphere are more likely to spasm of smooth muscles and related psychosomatic disorders - cardiovascular system (GMI, CHD), gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, stomach ulcers) and pulmonary system (asthma). By reducing the coherence of oscillatory processes in hemispheres and the dominance of the left hemisphere are more likely to spasm of skeletal muscles and related psychosomatic disorders - muscle pain, convulsive readiness with all its consequences.

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